What Do the Conn Trombones Look Like?

This page contains a list of trombones for which I have acceptable quality pictures, so you can see what they look like.

If you have a good quality picture of an instrument not on this list, please contact me.

Note: All trombones are in Bb unless otherwise noted. Modern trombones played in C are actually Bb trombones played using different notes for the various slide positions, and can be played in Bb just as easily (the "closed" position becomes written C as opposed to written Bb). "Real" C trombones are rare and play as written C in the closed position. This is a controversial subject among some trombone players and conductors.

The Instruments
Contrabass Trombone Date: 1901, Owned by Douglas Yeo
New Wonder Bass Trombone Date: 1917, Owned by Ezra Harris
2G Alto Valve Trombone Date: 1922, Owner unknown
2H Artist' Small Bore/Wurlitzer Professional Date: 1924, Owned by Howard Spindel
3H Small Bore Artist Date: 1922, Owner unknown
4G New Wonder Valve Tenor Date: 1920, Owner unknown
4H Medium Bore Artist Date: 1924, Owned by Jim Weltman
4H Artist Special Date: 1940, Owned by William Janning
4H Artist Date: 1949, Owner unknown. Picture courtesy of Al Gottesman
4H Victor (with Light Weight Slides) Date: 1956 (Drawing)
5G Victor Date: 1955 and 1972, Owned by Bob Ramsdell
5H Medium Bore Artist Date: 1928, Owner unknown
6H Symphony Small Bore Date: 1925, Owner unknown
6H Victor Date: 1960, Owner unknown
7H Symphony Small Bore Date: 1913, Owned by Richard Naumann
8G Italian Model Valve Tenor Date: 1900's-1920's, (Drawing)
8H Large Symphony Date: 1921, Owned by Bernhard Moser
8H Artist Symphony Date: 1962, Owner unknown
9G Italian Model Valve Tenor Date: 1900's-1920's, (Drawing)
9H Large Symphony Date: 1921, Owner unknown
10H Small Bore Innes Date: 1920, Owner unknown
10H Victor with Coprion Bell Date: 1960, Owner unknown
12H Coprion Date: 1940, Owner unknown
14H New Invention Bass Date: 1911, Owner unknown
14H Duo-Bore Medium Bass with Rotary Valve to F & E-Natural Date: 1929, Owned by Louis Allen
14H Director Date: 1965, Owned by Samantha Chambers
16H Eb Alto Slide Trombone Date: 1919-1948, Owner unknown
18H Tait Model Date: 1920, Owned by Stan Kling
18H 'Frisco' Artist Date: 1926, Owner unknown
18H Director with Coprion Bell Date: 1958, Owner unknown
20H Connquest Date: 1954, Owner unknown
22H Small Bore Artist Ball-room Model Date: 1928, Owner unknown
24H Medium Bore Artist Ball-room Model Date: 1940, Owned by John Turner
24H Artist Date: 1961, Owned by William Janning
26H Ball-room Model Date: 1928, Owned by Gary Sloane
28H Connstellation Date: 1950, Owner unknown
30H Burkle Duo-Bore Medium Date: 1940, Owned by Craig Koltes
32H Burkle Duo-Bore Large Date: 1930's, Owned by Anders Carlsson
32H Artist Date: 1950's, Owned by Gary Sloane
35H Duo-Bore Eb Alto Date: 1966, Owner unknown
38H Artist Ball-room Model Date: 1926, Owner unknown
38H Connstellation Date: 1954, Owner unknown
40H Ball-room Model Date: 1927, Previously owned by Gary Sloane
42H Ball-room Model Date: 1920's, Previously owned by Gary Sloane
44H Connqueror Date: 1941, picture courtesy of Dan Kuhn
48H Connstellation Date: 1968, Owner unknown
50H Director Bass with F rotary attachment Date: 1967, Owner unknown
60H Superior "C" with Bb rotary attachment/Wurlitzer Medody Date: 1914, Owned by Douglas Yeo
60H Artist Symphony Bass with F rotary attachment Date: 1970, Owner unknown
62H Simons Duo-Bell model Date: 1921, Owner unknown
62H Artist Symphony Bass with F-E dual rotary attachments Date: 1970, Owned by Anders Carlsson
64H Pan American Date: 1931-1946, Owner unknown
70H Large Bore Bass with Rotary valve to F Date: 1927, Owned by Tim Nichols
70H Duo-Bore Large Bass with Rotary Valve to F & E-Natural Date: 1930, Owned by Paul Rawlins
70H Bass with F rotary attachment Date: 1942, Owned by Ed Solomon
71H Artist Symphony Bass with F rotary attachment Date: 1970, Owned by Tim Zwicky
72H Artist Bass with F rotary attachment Date: 1957, Owned by Jim Priebe and 1950, Owned by Mike Cizek
72H Connstellation Bass with F rotary attachment Date: 1964, Owned by René Koopman
73H Artist Symphony Bass with F-E dual rotory attachments Date: 1968, Owned by Dave Yutzey
76H Beitel Model Large Symphony Date: 1924, Owned by Robert Adamson
77H Connquest Date: 1972, Owned by David Oliver
78H Medium Bore Symphony Date: 1928, Owner unknown
78H Artist Symphony Date: 1965, Owned by Bernhard Moser
79H Artist Symphony Date: 1969, Owned by Jim Priebe
80H Medium Symphony Date: 1924, Owned by Valerie
80H Special New Symphony Date: 1933, Owned by Gary Sloane
82H New York Symphony Date: 1926, Owned by Howard Knapp
88H G Bass Date: 1924, Owned by Quinn the Eskimo Vintage Horns
88H Artist Symphony with F rotary attachment Date: 1969, Owner unknown, picture courtesy of Al Gottesman at Lauderdale Wind Inc.
89H Artist Symphony with convertible F rotary attachment Date: 1970's, Owned by Gary Sloane
90G Valve Trombone Date: 1970, Previously owned by David Oliver