Conn 38H Artist Ball-room Model

Conn 38H Artist Ball-room Model 1926

Date: 1926. Owned by Gerard Gagnon

The tuning slide of this instrument is in the slide, not in the normal place. The advantage of having the tuning slide in the hand slide is that this allows the entire bell section to be conical, in stead of there being a cylindrical section to allow for the tuning slide. The 38H has a #2½ Bore (0.485"), was produced from 1925 to 1930. There was an option of a 6½" or 7" bell.

This particular owner is a custom order, perhaps because of the gold plating with extensive engraving, or the fact that the original owner's name is engraved in the bell: F.W. Helmsworth, jr. I am told that this instrument is not currently playable.

What Conn said in 1928:
The "Ballroom" Models have a number of special features which make them unique for dance work - the bell is further back, easier to reach for wow-wow; the handhold on the slides has been moved to give better balance and hence quicker control; the bell and slides are locked together by a positive lock - to mention a few of them.