Conn 40H Ball-room Model

Conn 40H Ball-room Model 1927

Date: 1927. Previously owned by Gary Sloane

The tuning slide of this instrument is in the slide, not in the normal place. The advantage of having the tuning slide in the hand slide is that this allows the entire bell section to be conical, in stead of there being a cylindrical section to allow for the tuning slide. Not apparent in this particular picture is that this instrument has a gold-wash bell. The 40H has a #3 Bore (0.500"), and was produced between 1925 and 1934.

What Conn said in 1931:
The Ballroom model was originally built for dance work and syncopating orchestras, but it proved to be such an excellent instrument, it is being used in a wide variety of engagements. Its .500 bore gives it broad, rich, magnificent tone, which has made it popular in larger orchestras. The bell is set back near the player so it is easy to reach for muting and wow-wow. Extra-long slide bearing prevents slides from sagging in lower positions. The tuning slide is in the slides, a feature preferred by many players. Slide lock, bell lock and balancer are conveniences much appreciated on this model. Built in Bb; bore is .500; 7" bell.