Conn 5G Victor

Conn 5G Victor 1955 and 1972

Date: Background: 1955, foreground: 1972. Both owned by Bob Ramsdell

A valve trombone (I know some trombone players who might say that a "valve trombone" is a contradiction). Conn ceased production of most valve trombones after the mid 30's, except for this model. The 5G was in production between 1956 and at least 1972.

These two 5G's have been lovingly restored by Bob Ramsdell and (unobtrusively) retrofitted with first and third slide trigger assemblies. Anyone interested in Conn 5G valve trombones is invited to contact Bob Ramsdell

What Conn said in 1959:
New from mouthpipe to bell flare, this medium-large bore valve trombone blends with any brass. Only Conn offers: new bore in valve trombone, Crysteel valves with pin guide, Lustre-Conn finish. Valve section will fit the bell on these models: Connstellation 48H, Victor Coprion 10H, Artist 6H, Connquest 77H.
Also available:
7G valve section only in same combination case,
Valve section only (no case),
6H slide section only to fit valve trombone.
Combination case to hold valve trombone, plus slide-section.

What Conn said in 1966:
Most extensively used valve model in studio bands, jazz groups and marching bands. Superb valve action. Highly responsive. Precise intonation. Brass bell. Bore size .500". Bell 8". Length 44¼".