Conn 70H Large Bore Bass with Rotary valve to F

Conn 70H Large Bore Bass with Rotary valve to F 1927

Date: 1927. Owned by Tim Nichols

This is a bit of an unusual instrument in that it falls somewhat outside the model number list. Here is what we do know: It is a model 70H, it is stamped with the model number. The bell is 9½", which again points to the 70H. The serial number indicates it was made in 1927. The bore is straight: 0.562", which is a bit larger than a #4¾ bore. As you can see in the picture, it is tuning in slide (not in the bell). Also note that the rotary valve is operated by means of a thumb sling. (which works quite well, so the owner tells me). According to the model number list, it would probably be a "Large Bore Bass with Rotary valve to F - Tuning in slide", except those were probably discontinued in 1926. However, it is not unheard of for instruments to be produced after the stated end date. There is also some discussion that this might be a 70H "Fuchs model". It is possible, but I can't confirm or deny that.