Conn 20H Connquest

Conn 20H Connquest 1954

Date: 1954. Owner unknown

This is a somewhat rare trombone: the 20H Connquest. It was built in 1954 and 1955. The 20H Connquest had a #2½ bore (0.485").

What Conn said in 1955:
Expressly designed for a good moderately priced instrument of fine Conn quality. Built in medium bore, the 20H has response and full tone quality ideal for both band and orchestra. Has famous Conn "Airfloat" slides. Outside slides made of special Conn formula brass alloy; inside slide have integrally-drawn stockings (not soldered on); bell crook is made glassy smooth on inside by Conn hydraulic expansion process. Equipped with attractive balancer, bell lock, slide lock and a cap and bumper knob to protect slide bow. Length 45½"; weight 3 pounds 9 oz., bell diameter 7". With mouthpiece and music lyre, in handsome pyroxylin tween covered case, beautifully plush lined.
Highly polished brass, beautifully nickel trimmed, clear lacquered.