Conn 2H Artists' Small Bore
Wurlitzer Professional

Conn 2H Small Bore Artist 1924

Date: 1924. Owned by Howard Spindel

The name "Wurlitzer" was apparently used by Conn as a brand name in stead of Conn. The 2H, also known as the "Wurlitzer Professional" was available in 6½" or 7" bell sizes. The name "Small Bore" is very applicable: it has a #1½ Bore which is 0.458". For a trombone that is really small. Trumpets are commonly made in that bore. I gather the 2H is the model that was used by Arthur Pryor. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that the trombone that was used by Arthur Pryor became the 2H. The 2H was produced from probably sometime before 1919 to 1932.

What Conn said in 1926:
No greater value has ever been offered than that of the Wurlitzer Professional Trombone. It is made of fine materials and the workmanship is first-class. The slides are carefully drawn to a great hardness and to a perfect line. The tone has the snap and brilliancy which a trombone should have. The slide action is ever responsive and tone is true in all positions. The bell has a diameter of 7 inches.