Conn 62H Artist Symphony Bass with F-E dual rotary attachments

Conn 62H Artist Symphony Bass with F-E dual rotary attachments Conn 62H Artist Symphony Bass with F-E dual rotary attachments

Top: Date: 1970. Owned by Anders Carlsson
Bottom: Date: 2001

The 62H is a bass trombone, with two rotary valves. The first rotary valve lowers the instrument by a fourth, from Bb to F. The second lowers it to E. This is a "dependant" system: you can't use the second rotary valve without also using the first one. The bore of the 62H is a #5 (0.562"). Production on the 62H started in the late 1960's, probably around 1968 and no later than 1969 since I know of a 1969 Conn ad that mentions the 62H. Apparently the 62H was discontinued sometime after 1972, but was revived by UMI-Conn in 2001 because it was such a popular model. The top picture shows an original model built in 1970. The bottom pictures shows a 2001 model. The original 62H (top) had the tuning slide in the slide, the new 62H has it in the bell, which is the normal position these days. The advantage of having the tuning slide in the hand slide is that this allows the entire bell section to be conical, in stead of there being a cylindrical section to allow for the tuning slide. The 62H has a red brass bell (or "rose brass" as it is called these days). In a 1969 ad featuring the 60H, 62H, 71H and 73H, Conn says: "We have just created the 4 finest bass trombones in the world...".

What Conn said in the 1970's:
A red brass bell gives this instrument the richer, darker sound preferred by many bass trombonists. Special tuning mechanism in slide. The 62H has special double rotors to F and E. The double rotor bass trombone with second rotor E tuning eliminates the need to pull the F slide to play low B, and maintains the advantage of having C and F in 1st position. This instrument not only has all the advantages of single rotor bass trombones pitched in Bb and F, but also by using the overtone series of the E valve, the player now has three horns in one; Bb, F and E.
Accessory Eb and D second rotor tuning slides available. Lustre-Conn finish over polished brass with nickel trim. Bell diameter 9½". Length 46".