Conn 4H Victor (with Light Weight Slides)

Conn 4H Victor (with Light Weight Slides) 1956

Date: 1956. (Drawing)

Conn produced a 4H model almost continuously from at least 1919 to 1958, with a break between 1932 and 1939. This is the last 4H model, produced between 1954 and 1958. It has a #2½ (0.484") bore, which is decidedly small by modern standards. In both trombones and trumpets the bore sizes have steadily increased over the past century. That may be a reason why Conn stopped production of the 4H after 1958: perhaps the small bores weren't popular anymore. From the Conn model number list it would appear that it was available with both regular and lightweight slides. This fact isn't mentioned in the 1956 catalog however.

What Conn said in 1956:
Professional in quality and performance, similar to the 6H Victor but with slightly smaller bore and bell. Beautiful tone, accurate intonation... ideal for both band and orchestra. Featurers "Crysteel Airfloat" slides... outside slides of special Conn bearing formular alloy. Slide lock for added safety. Length 46", weight 3 lbs. 4 oz., bell diameter 7".
Highly polished brass, beautifully nickel trimmed, clear lacquered.
Satin finish silver plated, brilliant gold inside bell.