Conn 38H Connstellation

Conn 38H Connstellation 1954

Date: 1954. Owner unknown

Before the well known 48H Connstellation between 1954 and 1956 Conn also made a 38H Connstellation. These you don't come across very frequently, hence the perhaps somewhat unusual background of the picture. The 38H was brass with nickel trim, with the same #3 (0.500") bore as the 48H.

What Conn said in 1956:
A triumph in design and engineering, the new Connstellation trombone features lightweight Crysteel Airfloat slides with integrally-drawn stockings... for consistent, fast, smooth, dependable action. Outside slides are of special formula brass alloy. Built-in brace balancer and specially formed cast braces add to beauty as well as comfort in handling. Medium large bore offers plenty of power and volume, easily controlled down to soft whisper... and tonal quality from sweet to brilliant. Length 45¾", weight 3 lbs. 6 oz., bell diameter 7½".
Highly polished brass, attractive and durable nickel plating, clear lacquered overall.
(Available with silver or gold bell - price on request)