Conn 48H Connstellation

Conn 48H Connstellation 1968

Date: 1968. Owned by Jeffrey Dickerson

The name "Connstellation" is reserved for top of the line models. The instrument has a #3 bore (0.500") and was produced from 1956 through at least 1983. Perhaps not very obvious from this picture, the instrument is nickel plate with brass slide and tuning slide. Just visible on the bell is the "Connstellation" engraving.

The issue of the bell, and what material it is made of. There has been quite a bit of suggestion that certain serial numbers of Connstellation (be it 48H trombone, 38B trumpet or 28A cornet) have a Coprion bell. I have even seen a 1962 38B Connstellation which appeared to have a Coprion bell. However! I have also been contacted by a professional trombone player who say in the 1960's he read that the "Electro-D" bell is yellow brass, heavily copper plated and then nickel plated and then lacquered. That could explain the diversity in reports of copper and non-copper bells: it would depend on the amount of wear to the bell. Sounds very plausible, also since Conn never advertised the Connstellation as having a Coprion bell.

What Conn said in 1959:
Modern advanced design includes the finest of all trombone features. Special bell taper balanced with mouthpipe gives resonant but powerful tone that is brilliant because of straight bore; mellow with 8" bell flare. Check these important features: lightweight airfloat slides, balanced tone column, special formcast braces, Electro-D bell, P-27 special formula outside slides, perfect balance for comfort, LUSTRE-CONN protected.

What Conn said in 1966:
The trombone used and recommended by so many top artists. Big sound with just the right "edge". Easy to control at all dynamic levels. Fast, dependable lightweight slide action. 8" Electro-D bell. Nickel silver and brass trim. Bore size .500". Length 46¼".