Conn 18H Director with Coprion Bell

Conn 18H Director with Coprion Bell 1958

Date: 1958. Owner unknown

Notice the coprion bell, which is 7½". This is the coprion bell version of the 14H Director. It was produced from 1954 to probably 1970. MacMillan-Conn moved production of student model instruments to Japan in 1971.

What Conn said in 1956:
World's first and only low priced trombone with famous seamless bell of Coprion!. Built in Bb with extra-fast, glassy smooth "Crysteel Airfloat" slides and long slide receiver for smoother action in 6th and 7th positions. Slide lock for added safety. Length 46", weight 3 lbs. 3 oz., bell diameter 7".

What Conn said in 1959:
Only student trombone with seamless Coprion bell. Full bore and "band sound" makes this an outstanding trombone regardless of price. Look at these features: Coprion bell, Crysteel slides, professional bore, Lustre-Conn finish.

What Conn said in 1966:
Most popular trombones [14H and 18H] in school bands throughout the country... more widely used than any other. Famous for their ability to stand up under hard use. Beautifully rich and full sound. 18H has Coprion bell for slightly darker, more centered tone. Bore size: .484". Bell 7½". Length 46¼".