What Do the Conn Sousaphones Look Like?

This page contains a list of Sousaphones for which I have acceptable quality pictures, so you can see what they look like. My HTML skill is insufficient to incorporate this into the model number page" (which would make sense) and also get the colors correct. Sorry about that.

If you have a good quality picture of an instrument not on this list, please contact me.

The Instruments
Conn Early Production Sousaphone Date: 1898, Elkhart County Historical Museum
Conn 50th Anniversary Sousaphone Date: 1924, Elkhart County Historical Museum
Conn 2K/3K Eb New Wonder Helicon Date: 1924, Owned by Michael Keller
Conn 14K Director BBb Sousaphone Date: 1956, Owned by Jos van Rooij
Conn 18K/19K Eb Sousaphone Grand Date: 1926 (Drawing)
Conn 20K Sousaphone Grand BBb Sousaphone Date: 1937, Owned by Hans Kuipers
Conn 22K Fiberglass BBb Sousaphone Date: 1964 Owner unknown
Conn 26K Eb Sousaphone Grand Date: 1952, Owned by Keith Loftis
Conn 28K Eb Sousaphone Grand Date: 1928, Owned by Greg Butcher
Conn 30K/31K BBb New Wonder Helicon Date: 1926 (Drawing)
Conn 32K/33K BBb New Wonder Helicon Date: 1920 Owned by David Morris
Conn 32K BBb Lightweight Sousaphone Date: 1943, Owner unknown
Conn 34K BBb Monster Sousaphone Date: 1926, Owned by Boaz Kim
Conn 36K BBb Monster upright bell Date: 1921, Owned by Mark Jones
Conn 36K Fiberglass BBb Sousaphone Date: 1960-Current (2002), Owner unknown
Conn 38 BBb Sousaphone Grand Date: 1924, Owner unknown
Conn 40K BBb Sousaphone Grand Date: 1923, Owner unknown, rebuilt by Harvey Hartman
Conn 42K BBb Jumbo upright bell Date: 1924, Previously owned by Steven Lederman
Conn 46K BBb Sousaphone Grand Jumbo Date: 1925, Owned by Ian Church
Conn 48K BBb Sousaphone Grand Jumbo Date: 1920's, Owned by Ian Church