Conn 18K/19K Eb Sousaphone

Conn 18K/19K Eb Sousaphone 1926

Date: 1926. (Drawing)

The Eb Sousaphone Grand was available in 4 versions: the three valved 26K Low Pitch, three valve 27K High Pitch, four valve 28K Low Pitch and four valve 29K High Pitch. The 26K was in production from 1926 to at least 1966. The other three were probably discontinued after 1929.

What Conn said in 1926:
While the Sousaphone Grand basses enjoy unequalled popularity for ballrom and general orchestra work, many band leaders prefer the original Sousaphone types as presented here. In some cases, where a band is playing in the center of its audience, it would not be desirable to direct the sound outward in any one direction, and with the Sousaphone proper blending of tone can be obtained by directing the sound upward. The bell is adjustable, however, and where it is desired to direct the sound outward this can be accomplished, although the appearance of this instrument is not generally considered as imposing as is that of the Grand.
As with the other basses of the Conn line, the Eb models listed on this page are built for those performers who are accustomed to playing instruments in that key, and are slightly smaller than the corresponding BBb types.

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