Conn 36K BBb Monster Upright Bell

Conn 36K BBb Monster Upright Bell 1921

Date: 1921, owned by Mark Jones

Sousaphone models with the upright bell like this one were nicknamed "Raincatchers", for obvious reasons. These raincatchers came in six models: 34K/35K three valve "Monster", low and high pitch; 36K (pictured)/37K four valve "Monster", low and high pitch; 42K (listed separately) three valve "Jumbo" low pitch and 44K four valve "Jumbo" low pitch.

The 36K Monster weighs 27 Lbs., is 51" long, 31" wide and has a bell diameter of 22".

What Conn said in 1926:
As explained on [the opposite page], many band leaders prefer the original Sousaphone type as presented here rather than the Grand model, which is almost universally used for orchestra and ballroom work. Choice between the two models is largely a matter of taste, since there is no difference between them in tone, intonation, or ease of blowing. Each of these Conn models represents the highest type of development of that particular instrument, as no less a personage than Mr. Sousa himself has said.
The BBb model shown here is used in Mr. Sousa's own band, and is the improved counterpart of the first Sousaphone ever built, which was made more than a score of years ago in the Conn factories. It is used in most of the large concert bands today, and is conceded by band leaders generally to be a most necessary part of the instrumentation of any band of more than average size.
The adjustable bell makes it possible to direct the sound as desired, and since it is detachable it makes for great convenience in packing and transporting the instrument.