Conn 32K BBb Lightweight Sousaphone

Conn 32K BBb Lightweight Sousaphone 1943

Date: 1943. Owner unknown

What Conn said in 1936:
The 32K Lightweight Sousaphone is the newest thing in sousaphones and was designed for a light-weight sousaphone possessing the same general design and quality of performance as the 38K Sousaphone Grand. That this model fulfills this demand is fully evident because it has jumped into immediate popularity. Magnificent tone easily produced, combined with lighter weight than found in the average BBb sousaphone, makes this instrument ideal for professionals with long and tiring engagements... Although of the same bore through the valves and major portion of the tubing as the famous Conn Sousaphone Grand 38K, our engineers have ingeniously designed the instrument in respect to rings, bracings, ferrules and valve caps so as to reduce the weight by more than two pounds, making it weigh about 26 pounds. The bell is 24 inches in diameter.

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