What Do the Prototypes Look Like?

This page contains some of Conn's prototypes, engineering models and other experimental models that have escaped the destruction in when MacMillan moved the factory from Elkhart to Abilene. Some of these pictures appear on screen in the usual (maximum) size of this website, but are in fact twice the resolution when saved to disk. Whenever this is the case it is noted under the picture.

Some of these are of recognizable models and are listed as such. Some are totally unusual with no known model numbers other than an engraving on the bell. These are listed by the model number on the bell. Some of these have serial numbers, some don't. The sequence of these instruments is based on approximate year of manufacture.

If you have a good quality picture of an instrument not on this list, please contact me.

The Instruments
Patent 249012 model Date: 1879, Instrument owned by John Ackner
40B Connqueror in C & Bb Date: 1935, Instrument owned by Jules Meijers
50B Alto research model Date: 1936, Instrument owned by Steve Hanson
58B New Era with 4 detachable bells Date: 1936, Photo courtesy Randy Cole
26A Director Date: 1941, Photo courtesy Randy Cole
Model 21 Date: 1952 (suspected), Photo courtesy Randy Cole
Model 23 Date: 1952, Photo courtesy Randy Cole
77A Connquest Date: 1956, Instrument owned by Dennis Goecke, Photo courtesy Randy Cole
25B Victor C Date: 1957, Owner unknown