What Do the Pan American Trumpets Look Like?

This page contains a list of Pan American trumpets for which I have acceptable quality pictures, so you can see what they look like.

If you have a good quality picture of an instrument not on this list, please contact me.

The Instruments
34B Pan American Rotary-A Date: 1928~1929, owned by Steve Hanson
58B Pan American Date: 1953, owner unknown
62B Pan American B & A Regular line Date: 1939-1941, Owned by Eric Knight
64B Pan American "Frat" / Slender Model Date: 1934, Owner unknown
66B Pan American "Prom" Model Date: 1931-1948, Owner unknown
68B Pan American C, Bb & A "Classroom" Model Date: 1931-1948, Owned by Mike Pawul
94B Pan American Cavalier Date: 1933-1948, Owner (anonymous)