Pan American 94B Cavalier

Pan American 94B Cavalier 1933-1948

Date: 1933-1948. Owner (anonymous). Photo by Ruth Guillard.

The "Cavalier" line of instruments is a line of the Pan American company, which in itself is a line of the Conn company. The Pan American 94B Cavalier has a #1 (0.438") bore and was produced between 1933 and roughly 1948. Notice that the design of the instrument is similar to the Pan American 64B and the Conn New Era models (10B, 56B, 58B, 60B).

The 94B pictured above was play tested by Charles O'Kelly. He says: "Its intonation is quite respectable for a trumpet of that era and type, and it has good resonance (bell chimes when tapped), but it's very bright, almost tinny. The brass of the horn has a lower copper content than any other horn I have ever seen (unexposed brass of the tuning slide is almost silver-colored), which may contribute to the brightness. Also, the valves are not machined particularly well, the second valve in particular is difficult to remove - this appears to be original, not the result of any damage to the horn, perhaps a tell-tale that this is, indeed, a "student" or "second echelon" instrument.

What Pan American said in 1938:
Modern design, fine workmanship and construction, fine tone, a perfect scale, easy blowing and easy valve action make this the foremost trumpet in the low price field. Built Bb and A, is 20½" long, has a 4¼" bell. Heavier plating, more generous burnishing and buffing than ever. Complete with bright silver plated mouthpiece and lyre in handsome Seal brown case lined with luxurious red crushed plush.