Pan American 34B "Prom" Model

Pan American 34B Rotary A Model 1920-1930

Date: 1924-1930. Owned by Steve Hanson

The date on this Pan American 34B is probably arouns 1928~1929. It has a #½ (0.425") bore. It was produced between 1924 and 1930.

What Pan American said in 1927:
WOULDN'T you like to touch this trumpet to your lips and take the prominent part this instrument enjoys in any musical organization? You can do it - and it's not hard to do.
The PAN AMERICAN "Rotary-A" trumpet has that real trumpet tone, and can be changed from Bb to A by just a twist of the wrist. Its notes are sweet, rippling - yet snappy, vibrant, full of life. It is one of the most versatile trumpets to be found anywhere and is adaptable to all classes of work.
The "Rotary-A" is a beautifully proportioned trumpet - 21½ inches long with a 4¾ inch bell, and of medium bore. It comes completely equipped with special professional model mouthpiece, pearl inlaid finger tips, nickel silver valves, enclosed valve springs, and double clasp music lyre - and PAN AMERICAN guaranteed, of course.