The Conn Baritone and Euphonium Page

This page contains information relevant to Conn Baritones and Euphoniums. These are the Conn model numbers ending with the letters "I".

Index of pages
The Baritone and Euphonium model number page
This is my attempt at a Conn baritone and euphonium model numbers index.

What do the baritones and Euphoniums look like?
Although the Conn model number index is very interesting, it doesn't show you what the instruments look like. In the pages behind this link I try to provide as complete a list as possible of pictures of the Conn baritones and euphoniums.

Also on this site
Conn baritone and euphonium recognition guide
A small table I made to help me indentify Conn baritones and euphoniums.

Conn Brass Serial Numbers
Serial number lists for Conn Brass instruments.

Pan American Brass Serial Numbers
Serial number lists for Pan American Brass instruments.

"How to Care For Your Instrument": Original Conn publication August 1942
A Conn publication from WW2 on how to care for your instrument when spare parts are unavailable.

"Proper Care of Your Conn Instrument": Original 1958 Conn brochure
The complete text of an original brochure Conn included with its instruments.

Some Links relevant to baritones and euphoniums
Conn serial number list by Lars Kirmser