"How to Care For Your Instrument", Conn publication August 1942

In August 1942, a month after the Conn factory converted to wartime production and ceased producing musical instruments for the duration of the war, Conn put out a booklet titled "How to Care For Your Instrument". The purpose of this booklet was to explain in detail the best way to maintain your (Conn) musical instrument during the war when there would be no spare parts available. In my opinion this booklet is very useful to our current situation: the C.G. Conn company of Elkhart, Indiana is gone and there won't ever be any more spare parts. So maintaining our vintage Conns is very important.

The original booklet is divided into several sections: A general introduction applying to all instruments, followed by (in this order) Piston valve instruments, Slide Trombones, Rotary van French horns, Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes and Piccolos, Oboes, Bassoons, Percussion equipment and a general section on storing, handling and repairing instruments. From this page you can download the contents of this booklet in Adobe Acrobat format (*.pdf). To make for smaller file sizes, I have split the files into each of the sections.

How to Care for Your Instrument - Introduction (8.5KB)
How to Care for Your Instrument - Piston Valve Instruments (770KB)
How to Care for Your Instrument - Slide Trombones (780KB)
How to Care for Your Instrument - Storing, Handling and Repairing Instruments (6KB)