Conn Wonder

Conn Wonder 1900

Date: 1900. Owner unknown

I must admit at being a bit confused about this variety of the Wonder, eventhough you do see them regularly. This is clearly a different version than the "New York Wonder", since this one doesn't have the double leadpipe with "C attachment". I am told the interchangeable leadpipes and tuning slides are to switch between Bb and A. The "Wonder" was the favorite of Herbert L Clarke, among others.

What Conn said in 1887:
The Wonder Solo Cornet in Bb and A.
Patented by C.G.Conn, June 15th 1886.
Which has been pronounced by all Artists, Musicians and Soloists who have given it a trial the most wonderful invention of the age, and superior in every respect to any other cornet ever manufactured, for the following reasons, viz: It has a noiseless valve action and the lightest ever known. It is perfectly in tune in all keys. Its tone is brilliant and free in its entire register from lower pedal C to C above staff, and no cornet in the world is so capable of being blown with perfect ease as the WONDER CORNET. Our factories are thoroughly equipped with NEW AND MODERN MACHINERY.