The Conn Saxophone Page

This page contains information relevant to Conn Saxophones. These are the Conn model numbers ending with the letter "M". For the most extensive and detailed info on Conn saxophones on the web, visit the Conn section of the saxpics site.

Index of pages
The saxophone pages model numbers index
This is my attempt at the saxophone pages of the Conn Model numbers index.

What do the Saxophones look like?
Although the Conn model number index is very interesting, it doesn't show what the instruments look like. In the pages behind this link I try to provide as complete a list as possible of pictures of the Conn saxophones in the Conn model number index.

Conn saxophone demonstrations
Demonstrations and explanations of several Conn saxophone models by professional saxophonist Bert Brandsma

Also on this site
Conn saxophone recognition guide
The name says it all.

Conn Woodwind Serial Numbers
Serial number list for Conn woodwinds.

Woodwind related articles
A bunch of articles related to woodwinds.

Some Links relevant to Saxophones
Sax on the web's history of Conn saxophones
Conn serial number list by Lars Kirmser
The Conn section of SaxPics
Old Saxophones Advertisements