Articles (Woodwind related)

This page contains (links to) articles by others that I find interesting, and some of my own ramblings. These articles relate to woodwinds. For brass instruments, see Articles, brass related. Feel free to suggest additions to this page, or to take issue with anything written here (see main page for e-mail, but please be polite).

Many articles here link to articles on the Cybersax website. I have asked for and received permission to link to these articles from the person who monitors Cybersax's e-mail on the owner Barry "Bear" Wilson's behalf after he suffered a stroke. Find many more interesting articles here. If any of the links below fails to work, please let me know.

Index of recognition guides
Conn saxophone recognition guide

Index of maintenance related articles
"How to Care For Your Instrument": Conn publication August 1942
To relacquer or leave original
Relacquering Pros & Cons (offsite-link)
Tips on disassembling and reassembling old Conn saxophones (offsite-link)
Corrosion, tarnish, and other saxual cosmetic maladies (offsite-link)
Advanced DIY repair issues (offsite-link)
Cleaning & Polishing Saxophones (offsite-link)
Leakes & Saxophone Mechanism Issues (offsite-link)
Obtaining Replacement Pads For Do-It-Yourself Projects (offsite-link)
Troubleshooting Setup, Response & Play Issues (offsite-link)

Index of design related articles
The metals our instruments are made of
Conn Finishes
Relacquered or Original Conn lacquer?
A few words on engravings
Conn red-o-pads (offsite-link)
Comparing Conn 6M & Chu Berry Horns (offsite-link)
C-Melodies - A collection of significant issues (offsite-link)
Conn Wonder double wall metal clarinets (offsite-link)
The Conn Saxophone Microtuner

Index of mouthpiece related articles
Mouthpiece selection for vintage saxophones
Overview of Conn Woodwind mouthpieces
C-Melody Mouthpieces (offsite-link)
Mouthpiece Basics (offsite-link)

Index of other articles
Instrument "Adaptations"
Buying or Selling Conn Instruments
Pitch Standards