Conn 12A (New York) Wonder Parlor Model

Conn 12A (New York) Wonder Parlor Model 1904

Date: 1904, Owner unknown

Since this instrument is called the "New York" Wonder I suspect it was produced for, designed at or sold at the New York shop Conn had at the time. Later on it became simply the "New Wonder Parlor Model". The instrument pictured here went for $4125 on eBay in September 2004. Just before the end of production of the Parlor Model Conn gave its instruments model numbers. I have seen a Cornets and Trumpets catalog that has the Parlor Model as the 12A. This must have been around 1920 or so.

The New Wonder Parlor Cornet, also known as the Pocket Cornet, is as perfectly in tune as the full size Cornets and is adapted for parlor concerts. The tone is full and of a peculiar sweet quality. It is manufactured especially for tourists and those who do not wish a large or heavy instrument. It is most practical for any kind of playing. The Parlor Cornet is built in Bb and A, in either high or low pitch, or both. It is furnished complete in case with all attachements at the prices quoted in list.