Conn New York Wonder Fluegel Horn

Conn New York Wonder Fluegel Horn 1899

Date: 1899, (Drawing)

Probably the first flügelhorn produced by the Conn; this drawing is from the August 1899 copy of the "C.G. Conn's Truth" magazine. Since this instrument is called the "New York" Wonder I suspect it was produced for, designed at or sold at the New York shop Conn had at the time. It is interesting to note that the design of the bell curve leading away from the 3rd valve resembles the configuration later used for the 22A Flügelhorn in the 1940's.

What Conn said in 1899:
The Fluegel Horn is by no means a new instrument. It is used by nearly every military band in Europe, where it is considered an almost indispensable instrument. Many of the large bands of America also give the instrument a very prominent place in their organizations, but the beautiful qualities of the Flugelhorn certainly entitle it to recognition in bands of even limited instrumentation. The effect, where the first Bb Cornet part has been duplicated by the Fluegelhorn is certainly very gratifying and imparts to the band an entirely different tone color, softening and modifying the fanfare, or trumpet quality of tone produced by the Cornet. It makes also a very pleasing instrument for solo purposes. Arrangers of music for the military band necessarily are obliged to write a great many of the solos for Cornet and the result is that the solo voices are confined almost exclusively to the Cornet and Euphonium. By using the Fluegelhorn occasionally as a substitute for the Cornet, in solos for that instrument, a great deal more variety can be introduced in the arrangement of concert compositions.
The Wonder Bb Fluegelhorn is also an admirable instrument for use in connection with piano in home musicales and for mingling with the voice or piano and for the performance of song solos, the beauty of this instrument cannot be over-estimated.