What do the Conn French Horns Look Like?

This page contains a list of French Horns for which I have acceptable quality pictures, so you can see what they look like.

If you have a good quality picture of an instrument not on this list, please contact me.

The Instruments
Conn 2D F-Eb-D Wonder Piston Valve Date: 1920's, Owned by Robert Marlatt
Conn 2D F-Eb-D Wonder Piston Valve (Gov't Model) Date: 1952, Owner anonymous
Conn 4D F-Eb-D Wonder Single Date: 1929, Owner unknown
Conn 4D Artist F-Eb Single Date: 1956, (Drawing)
Conn 6D New Wonder F-Bb Double (schmidt model) Date: 1934, Owned by Leonard Brown, DM (HC)
Conn 6D Artist F-Bb Double (Stagliano model) Date: 1935, Owner unknown, picture courtesy of Al Gottesman at Lauderdale Wind Inc.
Conn 8D Connstellation F-Bb Double Date: 1956, (Drawing)
Conn 10D Single Bb Date: 1924, (Drawing)
Conn 14D Director F-Eb Single Date: 1968, Owner unknown
Conn 16D Director Bb Single Date: 1957, Owner unknown
Conn 28D Connstellation F-Bb Double Date: 1953, Owned by Harris Wood