Conn 88H Artist Symphony with F rotary attachment

Conn 88H Artist Symphony with F rotary attachment 1967

Date: 1967. Owned by David Oliver

It isn't very obvious from this picture, but the bell is red brass. This is not the same as "coprion", which is 100% Copper. I have been told that red brass is about 90% Copper, 10% zinc. "Rose brass" or "Gold brass" is 85% copper, 15% zinc so I understand from the same source. "Regular" brass, also known as "yellow" brass or "cartridge" brass is about 70% copper and 30% zinc. The 88H is essentially the same as the 8H except for the addition of the F rotary attachment. The 88H has a #4 1/2 Bore (0.547") and was produced from 1954 through at least 1979. Currently (2002) there are 88H models available from (UMI) Conn, in several variations. I don't know if this is essentially the same instrument and if it is whether the 88H was reinstated at some point or was in production continuously from 1979.

What Conn said in 1955:
Extremely large bore tenor trombone, same as 8H, but with F rotor attachment (pull to flat E). Here's the finest Bb-F large bore tenor trombone made, anywhere. Used and endorsed by most of the top symphony and concert band artists throughout the world. Full tone, fast "Airfloat" action, big 8 1/2" red brass bell. Outside slides made of special Conn formular brass alloy. Length 45 1/2", weight 4 lbs. 2 oz. Comes in handsome Stratoliner plush lined case, with mouthpiece and music lyre.
Highly polished brass, beautifully nickel trimmed, clear lacquered.

What Conn said in 1959:
Same as 8H with rotor valve attachment for conversion to F and E-flat. Increases its facility and minimizes a need for 6th and 7th positions in low and middle registers. Endorsed by symphony and concert artists everywhere. Features: 8 1/2" red brass bell, smooth Airfloat Crysteel slides, acoustical balance of taper, Lustre-Conn finish.

What Conn said in 1966:
Two [8H and 88H] of the most widely used trombones in the symphonic field. Red brass bell delivers darker sound and greater projection. The 88H is often used as a bass trombone, although it is actually a large bore tenor with F rotor attachment. The 88H has the E pull, plus 7th position, permitting complete chromatic range to pedal Bb. Bore size .547". Bell 8 1/2". Length 45 3/4".

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