Conn 2A Victor

Conn 2A Eb Victor 1966

Date: 1966. Donated by Morris Oesterly

This is an Eb cornet; it is higher pitched than a Bb cornet. The 2A has a small #½ bore (0.421") and has bottom spring valves. It is probably an updated version of the 2A Eb Wonder that was in production from the 1910's to the late 1920's. This 1960's version of the 2A was in production between approximately 1961 and probably 1969.

The 25B Victor C trumpet and 35B Victor D trumpet are of similar design to the 2A. Perhaps the 34A Eb Alto Trumpet is in the same category. I suspect these are essentially scaled up or scaled down versions of the same design. Please see Comparative quality of Conn instruments, part 2 for a longer discussion of this.

What Conn said in 1966:
Short length in traditional Eb cornet style. Beautifully bright voice for concert and marching bands, as well as brass choir. Extra wide hand grip. Lenght 15½". Bell 4 3/8".