Conn 28M Connstellation Alto

Conn 28M Connstellation Alto 1950

Date: 1950, owned by Bill Kaspar

The Connstellation model of 1948-1953 was designed by Santy Runyon. There only was an Alto model.

What Conn said:
New Tone... New Action... New Styling... Here's built-in "Modern Tone", the result of a combination of sensational new developments, including an entirely new bore. New, faster, smoother action results from a completely new key mechanism which achieves an efficiency and ease of operation never before realized. New styling features, from mouthpiece to bell, make the Connstellation superb in appearance... the ultimate in functional design.
New double octave venting: Compare old type single octave venting of tone holes (represented by coverage of light from single lamp) with that of NEW double venting (like coverage of two lamps). The NEW principle puts vents closer to tones they influence. Result: no more stuffy middle D or thin G and G#.
Natural key action: Unlike the old-type keys that require varied finger movements, the NEW Connstellation key action follows finger direction - ALL keys depress in identical, natural movement. Here's greater comfort, faster execution.