Conn 12M Transitional Baritone

Conn 12M Transitonal Baritone Naked Lady 1931

Date: 1931. Owner unknown

Instrument is silverplated, and has rolled tone holes. This is a transitional model to the 12M

In the following video Matt Stohrer gives an in depth overview of the mechanics of the 10M "Standard" Tenor Saxophone: Repairman's Overview: 1933 Conn 12M "Transitional" Baritone Saxophone.

What Conn said in 1931:
Present-day bands and orchestras are according a place of great importance to the Eb baritone. The soul-stirring majesty of the pipe organ is found in its vibrant, mellow voice. Saxophone ensembles, even the trio, almost always include a baritone. Besides lending a broad, generous harmony voice in bands and orchestras, it is also an excellent solo instrument and many artists use it for this purpose.
The Conn baritone has been a leader for years and the present baritone is the finest of them all, due to recent improvements and refinements, among them the high E-natural and F keys. Like all Conn saxophones, the sockets are drawn from the body metal and the edges rolled, insuring leak-proof instruments. The Hydraulic Expansion Process of manufacture produces a glassy-smooth inside surface for carrying the delicate tone waves, insuring not only great ease of blowing but surpassing richness of tone.