Pan American 62E Eb Mellophone

Pan American 62E Eb Mellophone 1938

Date: 1938. (Drawing)

What Pan American said in 1938:
Because it has a brilliant, colorful tone, because it is one of the easiest of all wind instruments to master, and because of its very moderate price, the Mellophone is widely used in school and beginning bands and orchestras in place of the French horn whose place, however, it cannot take in advanced work. Built in F with a complete set of slides to Eb, D and C which makes transposing unnecessary and its use possible in band, orchestra, home playing and solo work. Crooks fit within the body of the instrument for utmost convenience and beauty. Gracefully designed with an 11-inch bell, perfectly balanced and easy blowing and with fast, effortless valve action. Silver plated with generous burnishing and pearl finger tips. Weighs approximately 4 pounds. Complete with change slides, silver plated mouthpiece and lyre.