Pan American 60M Tenor

Pan American 60M Tenor 1950's

Date: 1950's. Owned by Tom Fisher

The Pan American 60M Tenor Saxophone appears as an advertisement in the Spring 1955 issue of Pan American's "Baton Magazine". This tells us that there was such a thing as the 60M Tenor, and that it was made at least in 1955. Conn discontinued the Pan American brand in or shortly after 1955, so it is reasonably safe to say that 1955 was the end date for this model. When it was introduced is anyone's guess. The 66M Tenor was produced through at least 1946, so presumably sometime between 1946 and 1955 the 66M was discontinued in favor of the 60M.

The 60M has drawn tone holes and hinge posts with adjustable pivot and set screws. It was available in lacquered brass and silver with gold bell.

What Pan American said in 1955:
For your "money's worth," no saxophone tops the Pan-American [Eb Alto and] Bb Tenor! Their tonal and mechanical response are "built-in" qualities, the result of strict scientific design and proportion throughout... they meet every playing requirement of the discriminating student. A few of their fine features: extra sturdy, fine fitting keys; precise placing of hinge posts; correct balance of spring action; perfectly tapered mouthpipe. Completely new cases, styled for convenience and beauty, are furnished with these fine instruments.