Pan American 208A

Pan American 208A 1950's

Date: 1950's. Owned by Maciej Podlesny

This cornet is a bit of a mystery. I suspect it is a 208A. The model number list describes the 208A as "#2 Bore Bb & A Pan American in nickel trim ("Custom Line Stencil")". The bore size is correct, #2, 0.468". That narrows things down quite a bit. It does have nickel trim. The case (not pictured) is definitely 1950's, and says Pan American on it. The stencil line would suggest it being engraved with something other than Pan American, so that could be a problem. On the other hand, the serial number doesn't match standard Pan American serial numbers for the 1950's.

Note, by the way, the resemblance to the 12A Coprion.