The Pan American Saxophone model number index

This is a Pan American saxophone model list. I have included an extra column to indicate the year(s) when the instrument was (at least) in use. If both the "Year Introduced" and "Year Discontinued" columns are filled, the "Years Used" column is left blank (no need stating the obvious). Italics indicates "educated guess". Instruments are Low Pitch unless otherwise noted by the indication (HP) after the model name indicating "High Pitch".

The following list is by no means complete or even correct. If you find an error, or have an instrument produced before roughly 1955 (see serial number index) with a model number that doesn't appear on this list or is produced outside the years indicated on this list, please let me know. See main page for e-mail. This list wouldn't have been possible without the "Conn Home" section of the Saxpics site.

Pan American Saxophones
Model Number Model Name Year Introduced Years Used Year Discontinued
42M Pan American Eb Alto Stencil Line 1936 1937-1939 -
44M Pan American C Soprano (Low Pitch) 1920 1924-1929 -
46M Pan American Bb Curved Soprano (Low Pitch) 1920 1924-1929 -
46M Pan American Bb Tenor Stencil Line 1936 1937-1939 -
48M Pan American Eb Alto (Low Pitch) 1920 1924-1929 1930
48M Pan American Bb Baritone Stencil Line 1936 1937-1939 -
50M Pan American C Melody (low Pitch) 1920 1924-1940 1941
51M Pan American C Melody (high Pitch) - - -
52M Pan American Bb Tenor (Low Pitch 1920 1924-1929 1930
54M Pan American Eb Baritone (Low Pitch) 1920 1924-1940 -
56M Pan American Bb Bass (Low Pitch) - 1924-1940 -
58M Pan American Bb Straight Soprano (Low Pitch) 1925 1925-1929 -
58M Pan American Eb Alto 1946 1950-1957 1956
60M Pan American Bb Tenor 1946 1950-1957 1956
62M Pan American Bb Curved Soprano 1931 1931-1940 -
64M Pan American Eb Alto 1931 1931-1946 -
66M Pan American Bb Tenor 1931 1931-1946 -
68M Pan American Bb Straight Soprano 1931 1931-1940 -
92M Cavalier Eb Alto - 1936-1938 -
96M Cavalier Bb Tenor - 1936-1938 -