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This is a somewhat mysterious brand. In the Conn model number lists you find instruments dating to the 1910's - 1920's listed as "International" followed by a description, indicating "International" is a brand. However, I have so far not been able to find any information on this. Many of the models list a start date of 1919. This should at the very least be read as "1919 or earlier". However, in this case it may also be a few years later. In these lists I have not seen instruments with an end date later than 1928, so it is safe to assume the "International" brand disappeared around 1928.

Below you only see model lists for cornets, trumpets and valve trombones. That doesn't mean these are the only types of instruments that were made. I just am not aware of others (yet).

As far as I can tell, this "International" has no relation to the "Conn International" instruments from the 1980's and later.

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