The Elkhart Band Alto Horn model list

This is an Elkhart Band alto horn model list. I have included an extra column to indicate the year(s) when the instrument was (at least) in use. If both the "Year Introduced" and "Year Discontinued" column is filled in, the "Years Used" column is left blank (no need stating the obvious). Italics indicates "educated guess".

In the following list "3 valve" means simply 3 valves, no rotary change (for a total of 3). "3 valve with rotary change" means the instrument has 3 valves and also a thumb operated rotary change to either Eb or Bb (for a total of 4). "4 valve" indicates an instrument with either 3 valves and also a rotary change to either Eb or Bb, or 4 valves without a rotary change. (Hey, I am a trumpet player; this stuff is confusing to me If you can explain a little more extensive: Please feel free).

The following list is by no means complete or even correct. If you find an error please let me know (see main page for e-mail).

Elkhart Band Alto Horns
Model Number Model Name Year Introduced Years Used Year Discontinued
32C #3 Bore Eb Elkhart Band Top Action 1919 - 1948
33C #3 Bore Elkhart Band Top Action Eb - High & Low Pitch 1919 - 1948
70C #3 Bore Elkhart band Top Action Adjustable Bell Front Eb 1939 - 1948
72C #3 Bore Elkhart Band "Windsor Line" Top Action Adjustable Bell Front Eb 1939 - 1948
110C #2 Bore Elkhart Band Front Action Detachable Bell Front F & Eb for Buescher Band 1954 - 1958