The Elkhart Band trumpet model list

This is an Elkhart Band trumpet model list. I have included an extra column to indicate the year(s) when the instrument was (at least) in use. If both the "Year Introduced" and "Year Discontinued" column is filled in, the "Years Used" column is left blank (no need stating the obvious). Italics indicates "educated guess".

The following list is by no means complete or even correct. If you find an error please let me know (see main page for e-mail).

Elkhart Band trumpets
Model Number Model Name Year Introduced Years Used Year Discontinued
32B #½ Bore Elkhart Band Bb & A 1930 - 1948
33B #½ Bore Elkhart Band Bb & A - High & Low Pitch 1930 - 1948
36B #½ Bore Elkhart Band Bb & A Rotary Valve 1929 - +/- 1948
44B #½ Bore Elkhart band C, Bb & A 1929 - 1948
70B #1 Bore Elkhart Band Bb & A Long Model 1931 - +/- 1948