Conn Perfected New York Wonder Trumpet

Conn Perfected New York Wonder Trumpet 1901

Date: 1901. Owned by William Rivers.

This is the first model of Conn trumpet I am aware of. It was produced between at least 1899 and 1903 and was available in High & Low pitch. The owner tells me that the mouthpiece is halfway between a modern trumpet mouthpiece and a cornet mouthpiece from that period. He also tells me that despite the obvious cornet-like design it does have a trumpet tone. Not like a 1920's 2B or 22B, but according to the owner "moving in that direction".

What Conn said in 1899:
The illustration shows Mr. Conn's latest improved trumpet. The tubing and bell are proportioned in the correct shape for producing the proper Trumpet brilliancy of tone and perfect tune in either the high or the international pitch. Two of the Wonder trumpets should be used in all Military Bands with a membership of 24 or more, and in smaller Bands a single Wonder Trumpet will add brilliancy and greatly enhance its tone color capacity.