Golden age of concert bands

This era is listed by Conn as lasting from 1885 to 1913. Quoting the January 1969 issue of Conn Chord magazine: "The Golden Age of Concert Bandsfrom 1885 to 1913 kept Conn busy manufacturing mouthpieces to suit the varied demands of the leading musicians of the day. During this period of Conn mouthpiece development, the company was also constantly developing a number of special mouthpieces." (Copyrighted, 1968, By Conn Corp.)

The Mouthpieces

Spring pressure mouthpiece
I don't know any more than the name suggests.

Telescoping mouthpiece
"The experimental telescoping model mouthpiece has a variable cup depth. It featured automatic locking at various positions.

Cornet, patented in 1902.

Perfected Compensating
With flexible projecting cushion, patented in 1903 under number 747591.

Patented in 1906.

Patented in 1910.

Easy Playing
Patented in 1913 under patent number 1050344.

Common Sense
Resembles a Conn-Clarke mouthpiece

[Numbered Models]
Cornet; I don't know anything about other than they are for cornet and stamped "Conn Model" followed by a number. I have come across 6WR, 12, 18, 560.