Earliest models

This era is listed by Conn as lasting from 1874-1884. Quoting the January 1969 issue of Conn Chord magazine: "The Conn cup mouthpieces display shows that from 1874 until 1884 Conn cup mouthpieces were of a two-piece "spittoon-shape" design." (Copyrighted, 1968, By Conn Corp.).

The Mouthpieces

Rubber rimmed mouthpiece
The Conn company started with the manufacture of a rubber rimmed mouthpiece by its founder, C.G. Conn. The story that is told is that someone hit him in the mouth, splitting his lip. He then designed a mouthpiece that allowed him to play: a rubber rimmed mouthpiece. A patent was filed on December 5, 1874 and granted on 23 February 1875 under patent number 160164. In 1877 another patent was granted under number 190558 for an improved rubber rimmed mouthpiece.

Bode model #26
The only thing I know about this model is what I read in the January 1969 issue of Conn Chord magazine: "During this period [the "Earliest models" period], Conn introduced one of the earliest "name" mouthpieces manufactured to the individual requirements of a leading artist. This was the Bode model #26 made expressly for the requirements of Albert Bode, once premier cornet soloist with the famous Patrick Gilmore Band and later soloist with the renowned John Philip Sousa Band." (CONNchord, Copyrighted, 1968, By Conn Corp.)