1900's - 1940's Conn trombone bore size descriptions

From the 1900's through the 1940's Conn would describe the bore sizes of their cornets and trumpets as "small", "medium" or "large". I have found that these descriptions are very consistent. Here is a table to translate these descriptions into actual bore sizes. You will notice there is no 0.508" bore. As far as I am aware, Conn didn't make any 0.508" bore trombones.

1900's - 1940's Conn Trombone Bore Size Descriptions
Conn Bore Number Bore Size Inches Bore Size Millimeters Conn's "Artist" Bore size Conn's "Symphony" Bore size
0.458" 11.64 Small -
0.484" 12.30 Medium -
3 0.500" 12.70 Medium-Large Symphony Small
0.523" 13.28 Medium-Large Symphony Medium
0.547" 13.89 Large Symphony Large
5 0.562" 14.27 Large -