Conn Bass recognition guide

Here is a little table I made to help me identify Conn basses based on the bell and valve configuration. I think I have most models in there.

Conn Bass recognition guide
Valve Configuration Bell front EEb Bell up EEb Bell front BBb Bell up BBb Bell front CC Bell up CC
Front action 3 valves 16J 4J, 12J, 20J 22J, 32J, 80J 11J, 28J, 46J N.A. N.A.
Front action 4 valves N.A. 24J 26J, 36J, 82J 24J, 32J 48J, 86J 84J
Top action 3 valves N.A. 2J, 10J, 14J, 18J 20J, 30J 6J, 21J, 26J, 44J N.A. N.A.
Top action 4 valves N.A. N.A. 24J, 34J 25J N.A. N.A.