The post-Elkhart years

In 1969 Conn was sold to Macmillan, inc. I have read that the president of Conn at the time, Leland Greenleaf, decided to sell Conn to Macmillan in order to prevent Conn from being bought (swallowed?) by another instrument maker (in retrospect perhaps not such a good idea; how different things may have been if a company such as Selmer had bought Conn in 1970). In 1971 production was moved out of Elkhart, Indiana, where it had been since the company was started in 1875. Production of student models was moved to Japan (this was in the time that things made in Japan weren't considered to be of very high quality), production of professional model instruments was moved to Abilene, Texas. In 1980 Conn was sold to Daniel J Henken, who was a former "Elkhart" Conn employee. His objective was to restore Conn to it's former glory. However, in 1985 he sold Conn to the Swedish conglomerate UMI.

This website focuses only on instruments made during the "Elkhart years", from 1875 through 1970. In the various model number lists on this site I only list models of which production started before 1970. I do give the dates when production of a model ended when that date is after 1970. Since from time to time I do get questions about these 1971-1985 instruments, in this article I will give some model number lists for instruments first produced between 1971 and 1985.

The post-Elkhart cornet model list

The post-Elkhart trumpet model list

The post-Elkhart trombone model list