Conn 9B Symphony Grand (Gustat) High & Low Pitch

Conn 9B Symphony Grand (Gustat) High & Low Pitch 1939

Date: 1939. Owned by John Leito

This is the High & Low Pitch version of the 8B Symphony Grand. Just like the 41B Connqueror, the 9B Symphony Grand isn't listed in Rob Stewart's original Conn trumpet model list. Probably by 1939 High pitch instruments were not sold in the United States anymore, but were still being produced for sale in other countries.

Notice the first slide trigger and the position of the third slide finger ring. The 9B Symphony Grand had a #1½ bore which is 0.458". I measured the 2nd slide at 0.455". Presumably it was built during the same period as the 8B, between 1932 and 1940.

What Conn said in 1937 of the 8B:
The Symphony Grand 8B is newly designed for discriminating players in large symphonies and bands where big, powerful tone, scale of unusual flexibility, and just the right amount of resistance are paramount. Has a one-piece bell made of specially processed metal called C-17, an innovation bore taper and other features found on no other trumpet. Used by Joseph Gustat, first chair, St.Louis Symphony; Phil Napoleon, featured artist at NBC, New York; Herman Faberman, for over 10 years with Horlick's A. and P. Gypsies, and also with Maxwell house Show Boat; Wm. Tong, radio celebrity and for six years first chair with Sousa; Charles Spivak, first trumpet with Ray Noble. Bb and A, medium bore, with or without trigger mechanism for first valve slide, Clickless Crysteel valves