Conn 60B New Era

Conn 60B New Era 1929

Date: 1929. Instrument owned by John Ingram.

Notice the position of the third slide ring. Perhaps not obvious from the picture, but the third slide ring is actually a mechanism which when pulled automatically extends the third slide. Also note that the position of the third valve slide and the tuning slide on the third valve casing are reversed from the usual/modern way. The 60B New Era had a #1 bore (0.438") and was built from 1929 to 1931.

What Conn said in 1931:
In dress and motor cars, the voge [sic] is smarter lines, greater beauty, lighter weight, higher efficiency. Conn has built the New Era trumpet in harmony with the spiritof this new age. This trumpet combines lightness of weight, smartness of line and delicacy of balance with greater brilliance of tone, velocity of performance, facility of control and ease of blowing. Althought the newest trumpet in the Conn line, it has stepped into undisputed leadership of them all.
Speed - Snap - Brilliancy. These are what the world is demanding of players today, and the New Era trumpet will give you these in surprising degree. The third slide adjusting mechanism, worked with the left hand, lengthens the third valve slide for convenience of those who have trouble playing low D and C# in tune.