Conn 50B Alto

Conn 50B Alto 1937

Date: 1937. Owner anonymous.

Here is a truly rare instrument: a 50B Eb (contra) alto trumpet. It would be similar to the later 34B Victor alto trumpet. Comparing this picture with the picture of the 34B suggests that the design is very similar. The 50B was, according to pre-existing lists, produced only between 1928 and 1930. Undoubtedly in small numbers, because I have never seen or heard of one. This one is a 1937, and under the leadpipe is stamped with the letter "S" in a cicle in addition to the model number 50B. I assume this to mean it was a special order. The bore size is 0.484" (#2½)

Unfortunately, I don't have any catalog that mentions the 50B, so no "What Conn said" on this one. If you happen to have that information, I would appreciate it.