Conn 40B Alto

Conn 40B Alto 1923

Date: 1923. Owner Gabriel DiMartino.

This is assumed to be a 40B Eb Alto. The serial number dates it to 1923, and it obviously is an Eb alto trumpet. The only Eb trumpet in that period is the 40B, which could be either a alto or soprano. Originally the 40B was listed as having a #½ bore (0.422"). The instrument pictured here measures in at 0.456", which makes it a #1½. Perhaps a printing error? Either way, this particular instrument appears to be based on a similar design as the 22B.

The instrument here has been slightly modified with the addition of a right hand finger ring, and the tubing was shortened at the loop between the bell and the first valve exit, to bring it up to modern A=440 pitch. Also, non-plated outer tubes were added to make a tuning slide where there had been no tuning slide before (coming off the loop before the bell tail).