Conn 27B Symphony (Low & High Pitch)

Conn 27B Symphony (Low & High Pitch) 1927

Date: 1927. Current owner: Paul Ayick. Picture courtesy Paul Ayick

The 27B is the low & high pitch version of the 26B Symphony. As this picture nicely shows, it came with quite an assortment of slides and accessories. On the left hand side are the high pitch slides and on the right hand side are the low pitch slides. The top spring valves are nicely shown, broken into parts in the center. To the top left the Conn straight mute, S-curve lyre and cleaning rod (the intention was to insert a square inch piece of cloth through the slot). You don't often see instruments of this era in such exquisite condition as this one. The 27B is a #1½ bore, which is 0.458".

What Conn said:
The 26B trumpet possesses the same bore as the popular 2B but is built of a little heavier gauge brass for the players who like to put "steam" behind their performance. It also has the advantage of being somewhat lower in price. For symphony and concert playing, here is a beautiful instrument.
The instrument is 19½" long, weighs 2¼ lbs and has a 4 5/8" bell.